Why a Church in Miniature?

Why a Church in Miniature...?

Maybe it's because the church represents all the big milestones in my life.
My local parish church, where I grew up is fondly remembered and holds many happy memories of happy times in childhood spent at Sunday School.
It was here I became confirmed and where I went on to learn the guitar and to make many good friends.
It is where I was married and my three children were baptized.
And it is where I said my last 'goodbyes' to my dear, much loved parents....John and Margaret.
This tiny church is being made in memory of them.

I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey in the building of
St. Margaret's and St. John's



Friday, October 18, 2013

Making the new doors

I had to start by making some changes to the basic kit.
Originally there was a very large door at the end of the building. I made this smaller by filling it in with foam board and polyfilla. In the photo the white area at the bottom is the original size of the opening.

Smaller door added