Why a Church in Miniature?

Why a Church in Miniature...?

Maybe it's because the church represents all the big milestones in my life.
My local parish church, where I grew up is fondly remembered and holds many happy memories of happy times in childhood spent at Sunday School.
It was here I became confirmed and where I went on to learn the guitar and to make many good friends.
It is where I was married and my three children were baptized.
And it is where I said my last 'goodbyes' to my dear, much loved parents....John and Margaret.
This tiny church is being made in memory of them.

I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey in the building of
St. Margaret's and St. John's



Thursday, October 10, 2013

In the beginning.....

The kit I am making my church from began life as The Village Hall kit from the DHE.
I had looked around at lots of others but as I didn't want a very large building for this project, lots of them were unsuitable because of their size.
Space, or should I say lack of it, is a common problem for us dollshouse enthusiasts so when I first saw this kit it seemed as though it would lend itself to being a church and being smaller it looked as though it would 'fit the bill'.
Work began in December 2011....

The Village Hall Kit promotional photo shown here made into a school